Rankmath Vs Yoast SEO, what’s your choice?

Search Engine Optimization is not for the faint hearted. I have a feeling that this is true for both novices like myself and ninjas out there.

As a result, many of us rush to tools that help us do the job in the shortest possible time. Most common among these is YOAST SEO that has dominated the seo market for a long time. When I first interacted with YOAST seo WordPress plugin in 2017, it felt like I had found a lifetime companion. Everything went well, until I had to customize the settings to suit my specific target audience. I ran into new words among which was ‘cornerstone content’, e.t.c. Eventually, I realized that I either wasn’t good at SEO, or YOAST wasn’t the lifetime mate I thought I had found.

Recently, I stumbled upon Rankmath SEO. At first glance at the plugin’s dashboard, I fell in love. Options to set ‘keywords’, image ‘alt’ text, e.t.c were all straight forward. On second thought, I hoped I’d soon be flagged with a ‘upgrade to pro version’ message. To my surprise, this didn’t happen. And from then on, I have deeply fallen in love with Rankmath for both its simplicity, but also effectiveness in doing the job. SEO settings are clearly mapped out for each page/post, making it easy to adjust your content’s seo to suit your requirements.

Over to you. I know not many may have heard of either of these two wordpress seo plugins, but if you have, what’s your take? What’s your favorite?

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