Why your business needs a website

Does your business have a website?

The COVID-19 pandemic is among the many things that have hugely affected almost every business in the world. Many corporate and small medium enterprises are struggling to stay afloat, with many brands already downsizing, and others having done so already.

A major challenge in such times has been business continuity, with some business lacking the means to stay in touch with their customer base. Those with access to social media have leveraged it, though it has lacked in the area of being a bespoke platform to suit every business. A website for each business would on the other hand solve a lot of problems regarding business continuity. Below are some reasons why if your business has no website already, you should immediately get one.

  1. Having a website attracts more customers to your business and will make you more money.
    Over 80% of customers will research a company before purchasing your services. Without your business having a website, there’s no chance of tapping into this market share. Your business website can be available all the time even while you take a nap. This helps your brand stay available to customers at all times, giving you an upper hand to gain more revenue for the brand.
  2. It adds instant credibility to your business and brand by having a website.
    Today’s consumers are a bit skeptic and hard to predict. Most consumers will not trust a business that lacks a website. Having a website on the other hand, will almost instantly boost your credibility as a business. In most cases, first impressions count, and a website helps you create a lasting fast impression. It showcases your brand’s expertise and better positions your business.
  3. It’s not as hard, or as expensive, as you think.
    You don’t necessarily have to be a tech savvy to have a website for your business. Most web development and design companies have simple sign up processes that make it simple for you. Over time, the website will pay dividends by driving more traffic to your business and hence making more profit.

To summarize, you need a website and it’s not as hard and costly as you think to have one. Bill Gates once stated, “if your business is not on the internet, then you will be out of business”

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